[Audio Reverser Tutorial] How to Reverse Sound in Logic Pro X.

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September 15, 2022

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How to Reverse Audio in Logic Pro (Easy Guide) · Step 1 – Open the Track Inspector · Step 2 – Click the “More” Button in the Inspector · Step 3 –. Let’s learn how to reverse audio in logic pro so we can create risers and other musical elements that build suspense.


Logic pro x reverse audio region free. Audio Reverser | How to Reverse Sound in Logic Pro X


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How to Reverse Audio in Logic Pro (Easy Guide) – Professional Composers.


Your help would be greatly appreciated. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options David Nahmani Posted February 12, What kind of file is that? What bit rate: 24 bit, 32 bit floating point? Eric Cardenas Posted February 12, It’s a song from iTunes. Do I need to convert it to a wave file in order to use the reverse function? Converting the file to a WAV file worked great! You’re welcome! Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

Reply to this topic Other thread didnt help Hello, i am trying desperatly to reverse a cymbal sound in Logic Pro X but i cannot find how to do it. Can somebody help me please? I am new to Logic.. More Less. Reply I have this question too 34 I have this question too Me too 34 Me too. All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. User profile for user: Pancenter Pancenter. Easiest way is to bounce it to an audio file and then reverse it in the audio editor. Reply Helpful 1 Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Ed Egned Ed Egned. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

But i can not select the reverse option? Any idea thank you for your help. Aug 28, AM in response to wherma In response to wherma That’s a little odd!! Aug 28, AM in response to Pancenter In response to Pancenter All new users NEED to read the manuals s , there is no getting around otherwise you will only discover a small amount of Logic’s potential. User profile for user: twistiejoe twistiejoe. Oct 8, PM in response to wherma In response to wherma I’m having exactly the same problem as this guy.

User profile for user: Starcounter Starcounter. Oct 19, PM in response to wherma In response to wherma To all that were having this issue, you must first select the portion of your audio sample you want to reverse using left click and drag marquee tool I believe , then the option should be available to you.

Oct 19, PM in response to twistiejoe In response to twistiejoe Have you tried making a copy of the audio file and then trying again? User profile for user: dylan. Jan 18, AM in response to wherma In response to wherma Yep.

Select the “Show Advanced Tools” box. Select the “Audio” box under “Additional Options” 4. Bounce your midi note or region by right-clicking and selecting “bounce in place” or just use the key command: control-B 5. This creates a new track with the region or note or whatever as an audio file 6.

Double Click the new audio file in the arrange window. This pulls up the audio editor 7. Choose the “File” Tab at the top of the audio editor 8. User profile for user: Onewinged37 Onewinged User profile for user: PeteQuest PeteQuest. User profile for user: alex hall alex hall. Jul 30, AM in response to alex hall In response to alex hall ahhhhhhh!! To save, simply click Export. Clicking on any file on the timeline will display editing options.

If you feel like speeding up the reversed sound or adding some echo to it, simply click on the track again and drag your next effect onto it. Pretty simple huh? Have fun! Both ways are fine and definitely achieves an audio reversal effect. Both of them can be used to reverse audio. PS: If reversing Audio is not enough for you, FilmoraPro might be the editing software you want to explore more. Click the button below to learn more. In this post you will find a tutorial for audio playback in Logic Pro X, and a perfect alternative solution for audio reversing.

Try Free Try Free. Elva updated on Sound Editors. Sound Editing. Sound Effect. Part 1. Select the entire track or simply select a section of it as shown in the image below: A section of a track was selected in the image above.

To reverse an audio track using FilmoraPro, please install the programe and follow the under-listed steps: Free Download Free Download. Free Download Free Download.

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