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September 15, 2022

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I used one kind of sugar for both parts. It made about macarons. Used the chocolate ganache recipe by the same. I have never tasted anything like it before.

Be careful with timing of oven – it’s very precise. Hold macarons carefully. It never makes 35 macaroons. Maybe I just make them a little bigger than instructed.

If followed it produces perfect macaroons. I live in the desert and have found that using the eggs right out of the fridge works best. This recipe is foolproof. I don’t know why it got such a low rating, because it has never failed me.

Not sure why people are giving this recipe such a low rating. I’m a pastry chef and have a successful catering business. These macarons are one of my best sellers!

They come out perfect every time, and I follow the recipe to a T. You must raise the temp of the oven and then lower it, just like it says. Most importantly, French macarons take patience. Don’t plan anything else that day, and they’ll come out perfect!

The yield was totally off Instead of make 35 sandwiches it gave me ten. I followed the recipe to the T and it didn’t work They taste great but I don’t understand why the yield was so low.

Be careful First time making macarons and I used this recipe. They came out perfectly!! It’s such a simple recipe. Made them twice in a row second time adding some flavor after the eggs and they were perfect both times.

Is there a metric weight version of this recipe? That would help with the complaints of “too sweet” in the reviews –and also any other measuring issues. And it’s easier to weigh it all, then sift it all at one time. Help please? I was wondering if anyone had tried to freeze these with the filling as well?? I would like to make these for my dessert reception and didn’t know if anyone has tried that.

I put these on my website for everyone to enjoi! Baked on the perforated baking sheet this is a no fuss and little clean up fool proof technique. Check out my website for pics and description of the product made by the French company Demarle I have made both ths recipe and the parisan recipe on this site.

Both times they turned out amazing! The recipe is so easy to follow! I will say to the person that posted before regarding the allegedly “offensive” misspellings of the word Macaron – there are two different desserts – one being a coconut macaroon and one being the french almond macaron. Please – learn about the difference and use that knowledge to post things that make sense. Thats all we ask of you. I have tried thei recipe twice. I do know what I am doing wrong.

I have made this recipe in both the “plain” and chocolate variation. The original recipe is too sweet. I’ll try reducing the sugar next time. The chocolate is delicious! I froze a batch and they thawed perfectly. For those with goopey cookies, I wonder if your meringue whipped properly. If you have any oil at all on any of your tools, the eggs will never get the volume you need.

I would cut the sugar. Add a butter cream filling, and it’s so sweet I can’t have more than 1 or two without feeling sick. I also find that they come out looking prettier if I only whip the eggs to soft peak rather than stiff. They do taste good, and are very light and cloud like. I want to make these colored? When should I add the color?

What can be used in place of the almond flour? I’m allergic. I have just returned from Paris and hope to be able to replicate this wonderful delicacy. Hoping to lower the sugar, and wondering if powdered Splenda could be substituted for the sugar?

Karolync : I hope you come back to see this! What it means is you start the oven at but right before you put the tray of cookies into the oven you reduce the temp to and bake.. So when you put the next tray of cookies into the oven you need to bring the temp of the oven back up to before you can reduce the temp again to so you get the proper oven temp.

They want you to start iwth the oven temp high and then reduce it not bake it just at the whole time. Good luck! I found I had to really sift out the big chunks of almond flour to get it just right. Jews in Spain ate the original macaroons, made with crushed almonds, egg whites and sugar.

The dessert was so closely tied to the Jewish community that during the Inquisition, people purchasing the dessert were accused of being Jewish. This is THE recipe for Macarons. I have made this over and over again. It takes time, patience and a dry day-weatherwise. I jump for joy when it comes out ‘perfect’ and eat the ones that are not so perfect. I follow the steps exactly. You MUST sift and sift.

This is the most tedious part. You need to rest the tray so that a ‘skin’ forms and whack it on the counter-just as the recipe states. It is the most perfect and the easiest honest of all the macaron recipes. If so, how did they compare in ease and taste? Finally, I put the egg whites, sugar, and cream of tartar all together and then whipped. It was much easier, less time consuming, and my macaroons look and taste great now! I hope this was helpful! OK, not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I just attempted this recipe for the second time and my macaroons come out flat and gooey, not at all like they’re supposed to be.

I’m not exactly a novice baker, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! I want to make these macaroons so bad! Please help Martha!

Each cup only holds about 1 oz of coffee. My friend brought a box back from Paris. Oh la la! Worth the Time to prepare. Tasted so good. Definitely for me and not Him this Time. As vibrant Colours as what We received from France. Great flavor, but I found the cooking time had to increase significantly. I followed this recipes exactly for chocolate macaroons and ganache filling with one exception My husband, who is a chocolate connoisseuer, loved them.

We recently returned from Paris where he developed an addiction to macarons and we both were quite bummed when we realized finding fresh macarons was nearly impossible in the U.

These turned out delicious! His words were “better than Lauderee”! Can’t wait to try another flavor I give this a half of a star out of five. Flavor of the uncooked dough was good nice almond flavor , however, the finished results were extremely disappointing.

I love both eating and baking French macaroons, so this was a big let down for me especially considering all of the hard work that goes into baking macaroons. Load More Reviews.

Reviews: Most Helpful. Back to Recipe Review this recipe. What did you think about this recipe? Did you make any changes or notes? Thanks for adding your feedback.

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