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Question: How to change background color in illustrator ?

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the color of jpeg and png images in Adobe Illustrator. Windows or other versions can look different.

You can use the two methods below to change the color of any embedded images. Step 1: Place the image in Adobe Illustrator and embed the image. I suggest you make a copy of the image and work on the duplicated image so that you can compare the colors. Step 3: Move the sliders to adjust the color balance.

Check the Preview box to see the color-changing process. Step 1: Place the image in Adobe Illustrator, embed, and duplicate the image. Next, open the first of the two color grid panels that are situated next to it. You can either choose a basic color or a custom one. Once you have done that, click the second of the two grid color panels.

Choose a second background color. Problem solved! Now that you know how to change background color in Illustrator you can start following popular Adobe Illustrator tutorials. You can also learn how to cut out an image in Illustrator , and remove its background completely. Step 2: Select the rectangle, double click on Fill to open the color picker, or choose a color from the Swatches panel to change the color. If you want to make it a background layer and lock it, go to the Layers panel and lock the layer.

Actually, the white background you see when you create a document is transparent. You can turn on the transparency grid view to see it.

Your background is transparent. Step 3: Click on the color box and choose a fill color. After you choose a color, click on the close window button and you can see that now the grid changes its color.

Use the Eyedropper to choose the same color for both color options. Step 7: The 1 st layer is the rectangle layer, double click on the layer icon, and you will see a dialog box as shown in the image.

This option will lock the layer. Step 9: This will provide a benefit to the user as the layer gets locked and unmoved or unmodified for any changes. Changing the background color is an easy task in Illustrator but a little tricky as compared to Photoshop. While in Photoshop, the user just needs to use the shortcuts for Background and foreground color; this is not the case with Adobe Illustrator.

The user may seem to be lost sometimes while changing to the background color in Illustrator, those who have earlier worked on Photoshop. In this document, we learn the two easy methods of changing the background color without any confusion or much use of tools. While there is no shortcut key to change the background color, the user can use the options and functions and change the same.

This is a guide to Change Background Color in Illustrator. Here we discuss two different methods of changing the background color with a few illustrations. You can also go through our other related articles to learn more-.


How to change background color in adobe illustrator cc 2017 free.How to Change Background Color in Illustrator

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