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September 15, 2022
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Welcome to a free preview of training provided to us by our friends at Studio Backlot. With hundreds of course and tutorials available, and access to much more, Studio Backlot produces contest for all skill levels to help you quickly learn new effects and become proficient with VideoStudio. Learn more about courses and take advantage of the free day all-access pass to Studio Backlot when you purchase VideoStudio. When you join the Studio Backlot community your membership entitles you to watch every tutorial, download any stock, participate in our community forums and a host of other benefits.

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Sign up today. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Home Video Tutorials. How to Use Blend Modes Learn how to use blend modes in Pinnacle Studio 25 to layer your tracks more creatively than ever for eye-catching transitions and special effects! Face Indexing in VideoStudio The Face Indexing feature in VideoStudio Ultimate automatically identifies faces in your video clips, so you can easily select scenes with specific people.

Instead of creating subtitles manually, this tool will do it automatically. Face Effects in VideoStudio Try out the new Face Effects in VideoStudio to smooth and brighten skin for subtle enhancements or play with eye size and face width for a comical effect.

Beginner Editing Techniques in Pinnacle Studio. Get an overview of the product and an introduction to the 10 basics steps in the video editing workflow, from importing your clips to exporting your movie. Getting Started with Pinnacle Studio Whether you are new to video editing, or just need a refresher, this tutorial will cover the basics of what you need to get started with Pinnacle Studio.

Introduction to Basic Video Editing Techniques Get an introduction to the basic video editing tools in Pinnacle Studio: how to adjust clips and enhance footage, and how to use presets and transitions.

Learn the basics of setting up your project, creating project bins and how to adjust default settings. Easy Photo Slideshows Looking to create a photo slideshow?

How to Split, Cut and Trim Videos Learn how to split, cut, and trim your video clips in Pinnacle Studio to remove segments from the beginning, middle or end of your video project.

This tutorial will teach you about rotating video clips and photos in Pinnacle Studio. This simple editing technique is an easy way to make your video projects look polished and professional. How to Export Videos Get step-by-step instructions on how to export your Pinnacle Studio video projects, to view on your computer or upload to a social media site.

Beginner Editing Techniques in VideoStudio. This tutorial will give you an overview of the interface and highlight some of the key editing features. Using the Track Manager This short tutorial will show you how to add or remove tracks using the Track Manager in the VideoStudio timeline editor. Rotate, trim, enhance, and more. Here are some helpful quick tips for VideoStudio.

How to Merge Videos Learn how to merge videos in VideoStudio by using transitions to blend smoothly from one video clip or image into the next for professional results. How to Export Video in VideoStudio VideoStudio makes it easy to share your video — upload directly to social media sites or export for viewing on all kinds of devices.

Audio and Music Tools in VideoStudio Learn the basics of adding and editing audio in VideoStudio, layering clips, balancing audio levels, adding royalty-free soundtracks, and more.

How to Add Video Effects and Filters Adding filters and effects is an easy but creative way to enhance your clips or correct flaws in your video. This VideoStudio tutorial will show you how. Adding and Customizing Transitions Using transitions is a quick and easy way to add some visual impact and interest to your videos.

Learn how to add and customize transitions in VideoStudio. Creating Basic Titles Titles can help make your VideoStudio projects more professional and easier to follow. Learn how to create and edit basic titles in this tutorial. How to Split, Cut and Trim Video Clips in VideoStudio In this tutorial you will learn how to remove segments from the beginning, middle or end of your video using the split, cut and trim tools in VideoStudio. Timeline Editing Overview This tutorial covers the basics of timeline editing — the different features and views, how to navigate and how to use the Track Manager.

Using Templates and Overlays in Pinnacle Studio. Includes tips for changing colors and adding effects. How to Create an Animated Lower Third Learn how to create an animated lower third in Pinnacle Studio by combining the powers of keyframing, shapes, masks, text, blur effects and more.

How to Create Custom Animated Overlays Learn how to create custom animated overlays in Pinnacle Studio to gain followers, introduce episodes, and enhance branding on your social channels. How to Use Animated Overlays in Pinnacle Studio Learn the basics of adding animated video overlays to your Pinnacle Studio projects, plus tips for customizing them to create unique effects.

Creating Project Templates See how to easily create your own Pinnacle Studio custom templates that can be used for future projects like tutorials or promo videos. Dynamic Split Screen with Keyframes Learn how to use keyframes in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate to add motion to your split screen videos and show multiple video streams simultaneously. Using Templates and Overlays in VideoStudio. NEW Creative Content in VideoStudio Explore the brand new creative content included with VideoStudio , such as titles, video backgrounds, animated graphics, sound effects and more.

Create a Holiday Video Greeting Learn how to make a greeting card for the holidays with this VideoStudio template pack.

Just select your template and music, add your photos and share! Includes tips for adding effects and changing colors. Creating a Lower Thirds Animation in VideoStudio Learn how to create a lower thirds animation in VideoStudio and get tips for saving custom motion paths and motion graphics for future projects. Creating Custom Templates in VideoStudio This tutorial will show you 2 ways to create custom templates in VideoStudio: building a template from scratch and modifying a pre-made template.

Plus get ideas for advanced creative options and effects. How to Use Overlay Templates Learn how to use overlay templates in VideoStudio to turn your video clips into a news broadcast-style video. Download free overlay samples to follow along! Create your own layouts, customize with keyframes, and save as a template.

How to Use Instant Project Templates See how you can save yourself time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes with new Instant Project Templates in VideoStudio Working with Text and Titles in Pinnacle Studio.

Advanced Title Effects Learn how to add creativity and visual impact to your Pinnacle Studio projects by enhancing your titles with motion, effects, and shape backgrounds. You can control the look of the text and how it moves across the screen. Using the Title Editor The redesigned title editor in Pinnacle Studio 24 gives you unprecedented control over every letter. Learn how to use it in this tutorial! Working with Text and Titles in VideoStudio.

Learn how to add animation, filters and motion paths to create advanced title effects. How to Make 3D Titles Create stunning graphics titles, and control textures, lighting, motion, and more to create the dramatic cinematic opening you want the world to see. Exclusive to VideoStudio Ultimate. Speed and Motion in Pinnacle Studio. Synchronize your Video to a Beat Learn how to synchronize your video to a beat in Pinnacle Studio, to highlight key moments or climax in the action or transition between images.

This tutorial will show you how to create a super speed illusion in Pinnacle Studio. Creating a Time-lapse Video in Pinnacle Studio This tutorial covers the techniques of creating a time-lapse video in Pinnacle Studio, from shooting your photos to exporting your final video.

Effects, Filters and Transitions in VideoStudio. Magnifying Glass Effect Looking for a creative way to highlight parts of your video? Video expert Gripps shows you how to create a magnifying glass effect.

Using Morph Transitions in VideoStudio Learn how to use the Morph Transitions in VideoStudio to transition between scenes and merge video so that there is no discernible beginning or end. Seamless Transitions Learn how to use Seamless Transitions in VideoStudio to create smooth transitions by aligning similar colors or objects in one scene with the next.

Advanced Picture-in-Picture Effects in VideoStudio Make your VideoStudio projects more dynamic by adding advanced picture-in-picture effects such as pan and zoom, color grading and custom motion. Add a Picture-in-Picture Effect Make your videos look more professional and polished by adding a picture-in-picture effect.

Here are 2 methods to create this effect in VideoStudio. How to Add Weather Effects to Video Learn how to add and customize the weather filters in VideoStudio to create weather effects like wind, rain, clouds, lightning and snow. Creating Effects with Track Transparency Learn how to add custom fade in, fade out and superimposed effects to your VideoStudio projects with the Track Transparency feature.

VideoStudio Speed and Motion. How to Make Stop Motion Video This tutorial will show you how to create a stop motion animation video in VideoStudio, starting with how to capture frame-by-frame videos, to exporting the final video. Turning Natural Motion into Animation The Track Motion feature in VideoStudio allows you to capture a natural motion path, for example a bouncing ball, and turn it into a custom animation you can apply to titles and video clips.

Motion Tracking Multiple Objects Learn how to add motion tracking to multiple objects in your VideoStudio projects, using advanced keyframing to fine tune the object attributes. Introduction to Motion Tracking This tutorial introduces you to motion tracking in VideoStudio with a simple project to familiarize you with the options of the motion tracking feature.

Multi-point Motion Tracking See how you can use multi-point motion tracking to add moving text or graphics, or apply a blur to objects you want to obscure. Adjusting Video Speed with Time Remapping See how to add high-speed or slow motion effects, freeze the action or reverse scenes with the Time Remapping controls in VideoStudio.

How to Use Pan and Zoom Learn how to zoom in on the action, create custom motion paths, or pan across a scene with the pan and zoom controls in VideoStudio. Creating Custom Motion Paths Learn how to create and save custom motion paths and apply them to other elements in your project, or reuse them in future VideoStudio projects.

Adding Custom Motion Effects Learn how to customize the movement of your graphics, titles, and overlays along a defined path with enhanced Customize Motion feature in VideoStudio. Effects, Filters and Transitions in Pinnacle Studio. Appear and Disappear Effect in Pinnacle Studio This easy Pinnacle Studio special effect will give the illusion that your video subjects are appearing or disappearing behind an object like a tree, pole or wall.

Advanced Picture-in-Picture Effects in Pinnacle Studio By adding advanced picture-in-picture effects such as pan and zoom, color grading and custom motion, you can easily enhance your Pinnacle Studio projects.

How to Create Custom Transitions Learn how to create your own custom and unique transitions, such as horizontal and vertical wipes, to make your next Pinnacle Studio project really stand out.

Picture-in-Picture Overview This short tutorial will give you a quick look at at using Pinnacle Studio to easily create a picture-in-picture effect. Intermediate and Advanced Editing in VideoStudio. This tutorial will show you how.


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